The Kawałek Świat - Media agency works together with businesses in the field of marketing communication, helping to promote, develop, and support their brands.

Since its establishment in 2002, we have specialized in public relations, public affairs, event organization and film production. Our strengths are flexibility, creativity, and experience in using various PR techniques and tools.

Operating for two decades, the company has matured and built its identity, but the key words that define us are without any doubt akin to creativity and flexibility. 

Although communication tools and technology are changing, one of the most essential elements that always has been and always will be for us is the lasting relationships we have built with our clients, partners, journalists, and our clients’ surroundings.

This energy that has guided us for over 20 year and will continue to guide us for the next 20 years is based purely on building trusting and lasting partnerships.

We develop, consult and manage our clients’ dialogue within their surroundings, using various communication tools and platforms.

We make corporate and promotional films, complete from beginning to end. We produce reports, interviews and all forms of video materials.
We acquire partners and co-producers for Polish and international projects.

We offer consultancy and organization for various types of events and projects: prestigious, mass, motivational, integration, training, sports, industrial, competitions, conferences, and trade fairs. They can be one-off or periodic.

We had or have the pleasure to work for: